Milujeme dřevo (‘We Love Wood’)

Milujeme dřevo (‘We Love Wood’)

PPG Deco Czech a.s.
Milujeme dřevo (‘We Love Wood’)
Medium / Campaign
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How to build an awareness of products even though you don’t talk about them?

If we’d wanted to prepare a traditional communication strategy for our client PPG, we would have spoken about the benefits of their wood paints and varnishes. But that’s not what either we at Boomerang or the client wanted. We tried to understand what unites everyone who toils away at home painting an old table or banisters or giving new life to an old cupboard. And we realised it’s a love of wood. That’s why we devised the We Love Wood project, whose goal was to create a community of people who, like PPG, love wood. Using blog posts and unique Facebook posts, we show our community what a love of wood looks like. We combine practical tips, treatment and preservation guides, inspiration and interior design trends. In a year and a half, we organically acquired 15,000 fans, many of whom like to show off their own products and appreciate good advice.

Our Solution

So, how do you build an awareness of products even though you don’t talk about them? Devise a wonderful strategy for fans of this wonderful hobby.

15,000 fans
180,000 interactions

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