Pasta Fidli

Pasta Fidli

Centrum pro rodinu Náruč, z. ú. (‘Embrace’ family centre)
Pasta Fidli
Medium / Campaign
Advertising campaign – online, packaging, posters, tasting stands

How to create a brand of first-class pasta that is made in a sheltered workshop?

For more than three years, people with a disability have been making outstanding fresh pasta in a sheltered workshop of the Náruč foundation. At Boomerang, we came up with the memorable name Pasta Fidli (a pun in Czech) and the slogan ‘Off the Usual Track’. That was linked to both the production plant’s location (a former station building) and the way the pasta is made. We decided to use the workshop employees themselves for the key visual. We prepared a number of cut-out shapes for them a wide variety of creative challenges. We invited them to sit around a table and together we made a collage that we then used for the packaging and other visuals linked to the brand. Today, Pasta Fidli is a highly sought-after pasta brand. Customers understand that when they buy Pasta Fidli pasta they aren’t just supporting a good cause, it’s as though they are inviting disadvantaged citizens to their table.

Our Solution

Get the people with a disability to take part in the creative role.

Golden Pip (2nd place) – 2014
20 new wholesale customers in 6 months

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