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Advertising campaign – brand strategy, creative concept “Life is bitter. Thank god.”Subsequent application in ATL/BTL campaigns and other activities

How to find a good communication concept that will last years and can be used for new products and one-off events alike?

Radegast is a brand of beer named after a Moravian pagan god, whose statue stands in the forests on a mountain. In a place where Moravians live, a people who had to fight for centuries for everything they have. And they are rightly proud of that. That’s the way they like it. That’s how they value life most. When it’s not free. Their life is pleasantly bitter, like their Radegast beer. Real insight into the life of consumers proved crucial. “Life is bitter. Thank god.” – the strong, easily remembered slogan perfectly encapsulated both the brand’s message and the product’s key benefit. This strong but simple idea enabled Boomerang to develop a whole series of executions across various media, but it also stimulated an absolutely innovative approach to consumer competitions or sponsoring, say.

A slogan that has entered the vernacular

In 2005 the brand won the Mercatus 2005 award for its consumer insight. After the campaign was launched, the slogan became a colloquial expression in just three months. Radegast found its firm and unmistakeable place in the minds of consumers, and not just in North Moravia. Sales have grown substantially ever since the slogan “Life is bitter. Thank god.” concept was rolled out. A new brand, Rázná 10, was successfully launched and has uncompromisingly beaten its own path away from the trends of beer/lemonade hybrids, eleven-degree beers and specials. Thanks to the figure of the god Radegast that features at ice hockey matches, the spontaneous awareness of the link between Radegast and ice hockey – which can also be extremely bitter – has increased by 10%. And Radegast played a successful role in Baník Ostrava’s return to top-tier football in 2017.

Our Solution

So, how do you find a good communication concept that will last years and can be used for new products and one-off events alike? You have to leave the comfort of your Prague offices and head to the Beskydy mountains. Walk up and down the mountains, speak to people, drink beer with the locals, live for the local ice hockey and football. Then it’s easy.

It took 3 months for the “Life is bitter. Thank god.” slogan to become part of the vernacular. Most consistent brand communication of the SAB Miller (now ASAHI) global group.
Mercatus 2005 global award for consumer insight
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