Šťáva (‘Juice’)

Šťáva (‘Juice’)

ČEZ Group
Šťáva (‘Juice’)
Medium / Campaign
Print magazine, website

How to improve the general public’s image of a brand that may be strong and traditional but is not perceived particularly positively?

We started out with the advantage of our experience building the image of the Oskar/Vodafone brand via the ČiliChili magazine and website, so we knew that the strategy can be simple. People want to have fun and learn useful information. As our target group was very broad (all customers of ČEZ Group), we had to find some unifying element. We at Boomerang opted for the family and designed Šťáva as a family magazine. We used simple language and functional yet nice-looking graphic design. The magazine carried universally interesting themes, interviews with famous people and ideas for free time. It also contained a section showcasing ČEZ Group products, clearly separated by an inner cover page – we treated our readers fairly and didn’t try to force anything on them. In this way, the magazine fulfilled another important goal: it replaced all POS materials and became an important service tool at Customer Centres. Besides practical benefits, it brought our client major financial savings. The www.stava.cz online magazine took over and broadened the magazine’s content, adding some unique materials. The website’s intended reach was 40,000 unique visits per month. The results of surveys focusing on the print magazine confirmed the effectiveness of the chosen strategy. The magazine was known by three-fifths of customers (67%) and more than half the respondents kept it after reading it so they could go back to it (60%). Some of them (14%) offered the magazine to other people. In 2013 the Šťáva Customer Scheme was created, enabling ČEZ Group customers to get discounts for leisure activities. The fact that Šťáva managed to achieve the defined goals is borne out by the two special Golden Semi-colon awards for effectiveness it won in the first three years of its existence. And above all by the customers, more than half of whom kept Šťáva on their bookshelves so they could keep going back to it.

Our Solution

Offer customers a great magazine. Research showed that it catches the target group’s attention more than classic product brochures and boosts your image.

67% of customers know Šťáva magazine
48% of customers know www.stava.cz
60% of customers keep the magazine so they can go back to it
75% of readers find new information in Šťáva magazine
54% of respondents regard the magazine as useful
2 Golden Semi-colon medals, including for effectiveness

“Boomerang’s approach to the project as a whole was creative, and the agency formed a pillar of the Šťáva project’s positive customer experience.”

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