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How to stand out in the glut of life insurance offers targeting serious illnesses while not scaring customers to death?

Communication based on lightness of tone and optimism makes it easier to present life insurance as a natural part of a young family’s active life. Boomerang’s strategy was founded on a positive attitude towards negative things like death or very serious illness. The light-hearted take on life insurance, where the dynamism of a young family is offset by a sense of peace and “better safe than sorry”, came out of the uniqueness of the brand. That is why verbal and visual ambiguities formed the basis of our concept. Expressions like ‘kick the bucket’, ‘have a seizure’, ‘go downhill’ and ‘rest in peace’ gave rise to an emotional style that did not overshadow the rational appeal to take out insurance. That’s why the main message for us was: ‘THINK POSITIVELY’, with a subtle call to action: ‘But TO BE SURE use FLEXI’.

Business results

Even though the life insurance market shrank by 3.4% in 2016, after the campaign FLEXI increased its market share of the shrinking market for pay-as-you-go policies by 4.8%, and the insurance company achieved a bigger absolute year-on-year increase in premiums than all its rivals. Among existing customers, the FLEXI campaign delivered very significant increase upselling on both networks: the Česká spořitelna network registered a record 360% increase (from CZK 3.4 million to CZK 15.7 million), while its external network grew by 130% (from CZK 6.2 million to CZK 14.4 million).

Our Solution

So, how do you be stand out in the glut of life insurance offers targeting serious illnesses while not scaring customers to death? Opt for traditional Czech exaggeration for comic effect.

5% increase in policies taken out on a shrinking market
360% upselling among existing customers in the network
130% upselling among existing customers in the external network
25% improvement in spontaneous awareness of the brand
1 Effie Awards medal
Since 2009

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