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Is it possible to fund an entire corporate magazine, including printing costs, from advertising revenues?

The Czech Airlines inflight magazine always had excellent potential for appealing to advertisers. Partly because air travel is used by wealthier clientele who are ideal for certain advertisers, but also because passengers spend hours stuck in their seat and have a copy of the magazine in front of them all that time. Even so, we had to come up with the kind of content strategy that would make it possible to gain several hundred thousand koruna from one issue.

Content strategy

At Boomerang, we designed Review in a way that made it possible to sell content contributions to it as well as having openly advertising pages. We regularly featured paid advertorials in the Lifestyle section for example, while cultural, sporting and other events could be promoted in the Navigator section; we even managed to include paid interviews several times. It was the editor’s responsibility to ensure that all these materials were entertaining and readable, so that readers got the same experience as from standard editorials and news articles.

Review works

Research results testify to the model’s success. More than 80% of those who came across Review were satisfied with its quality. Reading the magazine inspired almost 60% of readers to attend some event. Some (43.3%) were inspired to visit the destination currently showcased in an edition of the magazine; while others (7.6%) were inspired by suggestions for free-time activities or products presented in the Gifts section (7.6%). When asked directly whether readers looked at the offer of Czech Airlines’ products, over 62% said yes, confirming that the magazine acted as a sales support tool. The magazine was regularly honoured as Top Rated in the Golden Semi-colon awards’ B2C category (in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012) and was victorious three times in the Golden Letter category recognising the best copy.

Our Solution

So, is it possible to fund an entire corporate magazine, including printing costs, from advertising revenues? Yes, if you have a premium readership and a brilliant content strategy.

62% of readers confirmed that the magazine acted as a sales support tool
43.3% of readers were inspired to visit destinations showcased in the current edition
7.6% of readers were inspired by ideas for free-time activities
7.6% of readers appreciated the offer of products in the Gifts section
3 Golden Semi-colon medals, 3 Golden Letter awards for content

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