Recepty s chutí (‘Recipes with Flavour’)

Recepty s chutí (‘Recipes with Flavour’)

Hamé s.r.o.
Recepty s chutí (‘Recipes with Flavour’)
Medium / Campaign
Website and Facebook profile

How to present products in a way that makes customers fall in love with them?

Hamé has lots of products in its portfolio that customers know. But how to present new products to them? Standard advertising campaigns don’t work particularly well. But what if we showed people how to turn these new products into a fantastic meal? For that reason, the Recipes with Flavour website and Facebook profile started to offer 6 recipes every month, each one featuring a new Hamé product. The recipes are complemented by magazine articles either summarising some food-related topic or offering readers interesting information about the ingredients. Every month, these recipes enabled us to reach 80,000 people and get more than 7,00 interactions. Pumpkin soup became an absolute hit in the autumn. Thanks to Boomerang, the website doubled its fanbase and its reach.

Our Solution

So, how do you present products in a way that makes customers fall in love with them? Give them a recipe that combines the product and seasonal ingredients. And don’t forget to use a food stylist.

80,000 readers per month
7,000 interactions per month
27,000 Facebook fans

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