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How to cope with the decline in sales of white paint for walls?

The two-year decline in sales of white paint, the increasing popularity of coloured paint and the greater average price of Primalex products made it necessary to overhaul both the sales strategy and the brand perception. That is why we at Boomerang changed their packaging and supported that with a Primatic Cover Guarantee, which impacted on the most in-demand consumer benefit. At the same time, the properties of the top-of-the-range products, Polar and Fortissimo, were improved. Our campaign supported customers’ creativity with the slogan ‘Every idea you have is a great idea’. The fundamental message was that Primalex shares and respects everyone’s taste and has a solution for everyone, for every material and for every environment.

Our Solution

Start selling them more of the other paints.

13% increase in sales over the previous year
27% increase in awareness of Primalex: paint for wood and metal

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