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5 Traits Every Good Designer Should Have
There are endless tools, apps, and programs that will help you create good designs. But aside from talent, what are skills or mindsets you need to be designer? Here are 5 traits every good designer should have based on my experience.

Empathy & Communication

Empathy and communication go hand in hand. It’s obviously important to have clear concise communication in the design world but its also important to be empathetic. Being empathetic means you understand other peoples point of view. You can put yourself in their shoes in order to create work authentic to your client or brand. Communicating a design choice you made through an empathetic lens will make your client feel heard and understood.

Love of Learning

In the ever-changing world of design and technology, a love of learning is key.  I once read that in the time it takes you to read about a new methodology, someone else is creating the next best thing. Have a passion not only for your craft but also expanding your knowledge and growing professionally. My best advice for this is to find a like-minded creative community that challenges and inspires you.  

Ability to Take Criticism

This isn’t always an easy mindset to be in, especially when just starting out. However, the more quickly you can learn this skill the better you’ll be. As a designer, you will have to take direction from others to improve upon your work. Get in the mindset of creative criticism being a positive thing that allows you to look at design from new angles, learn new skills, and grow professionally.

Problem Solve

There are many reasons why problem-solving is important in the design world. Creativity isn’t always just for producing great design, it may also be needed to get all the parts together. Clients may not always know exactly what they want or how to articulate what they want.  To a degree, problem-solving will help you put their many thoughts and ideas into one compelling design.

Confidence and Self-Doubt

I know what you’re thinking, I just contradicted myself. However, you need both confidence and self-doubt to be great. Having confidence in yourself to create great work translates to your clients. It also allows you to be more creative, you know all the design principals and are always learning new things…so have the confidence to try new things! But you also need to have enough self-doubt that you’re asking yourself, “could this be better.” Don’t let your confidence overpower the desire to better yourself.

These are just 5 traits I believe every good designer should have. I would love to hear your thoughts, is there another trait you think is just as or even more important? Comment what you think below.