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We are all envious of the big brands on social media that aren’t afraid to respond to fan content with total honesty. Wendy’s has gone viral many times for their non-traditional way of engaging with people online. Our office gets a good laugh over their conversations with fans and other brands. We enjoy it so much, we decided it would be fun to blog about. So in a light-hearted, fun, and less formal post…enjoy!

Viral Posts

There have been a few times that people have tagged Wendy’s and the outcome surprised them. Take Carter for example. He originally tweeted them to see how many retweets he needed to get free chicken nuggets for a year. It wasn’t long before the hashtag #Nuggs4Carter went viral and other brands even tweeted at him including Amazon. The end result? His tweet received 3.42 million retweets which took the title for most retweeted of all-time. Carter got his “nuggs” and Wendy’s name was all over it.

big brands on social media

Negative Comments

Wendy’s isn’t afraid to tell people what they’re really thinking. Some people even ask for Wendy’s to roast them. See below!

As a brand, everyone is accustom to receiving negative feedback and content. With that being said, everyone can’t respond this way. Find some insight here on responding to negative content.

Trolling Other Brands

The rivalries in the Fast Food Industry are stronger than ever and Wendy’s never misses an opportunity to troll these brands.

McDonald’s had a typo tweet and Wendy’s jumped on a response quickly. Their tweet got 271,000 retweets and gave many a good laugh at McDonald’s expense.

big brands on social media

There have been a few brave brands that tried taking their stab at Wendy’s. Some were quick to regret it…others turned into rap battles but that’s another conversation.

They aren’t always making fun of other brands though. Sometimes they just engage in good fun. Recently, Burger King tweeted at them. The conversation that ensued not only got a lot of engagement but also ended with quite a few news articles including, Adweek, People Magazine, and Delish.

Brand Personality

There are endless examples of witty Wendy on social media but it’s safe to say this has become what Wendy’s is known for online. They have taken their social media, especially their twitter and turned it into an extremely engaging and entertaining platform for fans. All while promoting their brand. How could you start engaging more for your brand? Click here to find out.

Overall, some big brands have the ability to pull off this light-hearted and sarcastic humor with fans. Fair warning, this is not a luxury that all brands have and we don’t recommend jumping into the sarcasm without testing it first.