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phone vs. professional photography

Lots of small restaurants use their phones to take and share photos of their food. Which might be fine, but they are also putting money behind these images in paid advertisements. In restaurants today, there seems to be an unspoken battle of phone vs. professional photography. We want to share with you a couple of reasons your iPhone images might not be getting the job done.

What is the best lighting setup for food photography?

Natural lighting is great for quick snap-shot style photos. I love natural lighting and use it for more casual shoots. However, the value that a professionally lit food photo adds to your images is undeniable. Professional lighting removes the guesswork out of the images. If you can find that perfect natural light, iPhones take pretty good photos. But, when you send out marketing material do you want to leave potential customers thinking, “that looks pretty good” or “that looks amazing.” Elevate your business with images that look like they belong to a 5-star establishment.

phone vs. professional photography

How can you intrigue more customers?

While your cell phone camera may be getting better, some features just aren’t there yet. For example, quality macro photos with a DSLR camera show off the details of a dish. They can be used to highlight a specific ingredient or really show off the layers and texture a menu item has.  These photos might not always be best for a menu or marketing display. But you shouldn’t shy away from sharing a few like this to make people really crave a bite!

Professional photography

Are the photos on your phone getting boring?

Most people would only think to take a photo of a menu item very strategically.  Shown as it is served, from a seated position or overhead. However, professional photographers can take the time to get a little creative. We understand how to make the shots more dynamic with food styling and plating, capturing action, or adding props.

Professional photography

Isn’t it expensive for professional food photography?

One of the biggest things to deter professional food photography is the fear of the expense. Why pay for something you can do yourself. This may be the sole reason for selecting your phone vs. professional photography. But you already wear so many hats within your business, why try to add more to your plate. It has been proven time and time again that great food photography draws in customers and drives sales. As a restaurant owner, your passion is the food and the center of why you do what you do. Therefore, showcasing your food in the best light is the marketing that you should be spending the most money on.  Check out a few tips on planning professional photoshoots here or contact us today for more information!

Professional photography

In conclusion, food photos on a phone are a great way for the customers to share their experience with your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, it is your job to draw customers in and give them an experience you can be proud of. That’s exactly why our goal is to showcase your food with a little styling and creative direction that you will be proud to market to all of your customers.