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Tips on Cross-Promoting Content

The first tip on cross-promoting content? Don’t do it. Here is why…

Platforms don’t work the same!

Don’t be fooled by the one-hit post button that allows you to share content on one platform to all of your social profiles. While only having to post once is convenient, it is actually hurting you. This is when you log into Instagram, write a post, tap to include Facebook and Twitter then send it off. Your post will be correct on one of the sites but it won’t be on all of them. The only way to make sure each post is correct is if you individually post on the social sites directly. For example, you could check-in to a location, write a caption tagging someone and include a link on Facebook. However, the check-in won’t go through, the location’s tag could be different and links don’t work on Instagram posts so you could be asking someone to click on nothing. There is a science behind the use of these platforms and people very easily overlook it. If you work with social media daily, you’ll never stop finding the flaws as you scroll a newsfeed. You shouldn’t feel bad though…not even celebrities are doing it right.

Bruno Mars recently took to his social profiles to share a big announcement. He conveniently used the one-hit post button and it’s safe to say a few people noticed. His Instagram followers were excited with the news while his Facebook followers were left confused. As you can see, he asked them to swipe left which doesn’t exist on Facebook. The even funnier part about this is, it was never corrected. So sorry Facebook fans, you weren’t supposed to be in the know.

Tips on Cross-Promoting Content

Usernames & Tags

Ironically, this isn’t the only time the musician has failed at posting. For his sake, I’d like to point out this is a very common mistake made by many users. Let’s be honest though, Bruno makes for a more fun example. In previous posts with other celebrities, he has given them a shout out but really he has essentially tagged no one. As previously mentioned, usernames and tags differ on platforms. Another reason you can’t hit one button to post for you.

As a business, you are missing the opportunity to link your brand to another or notify someone. Plus, it looks silly.

Tips on Cross-Promoting Content

Not all content should be on all platforms

The last tip on cross-promoting content comes down to asking yourself “is this the right platform for this?” There is so much content out there and it is understandable that creating original content for each site is exhausting. If you just post the same thing on all of your social pages, you are doing the most damage. You are giving followers a reason to unfollow you because that comes off as spam and no one wants to get on each newsfeed to the same message. You want to make sure your message meets the platform standard. Hashtags could be utilized more on Twitter and Instagram while check-ins should be a must on Facebook. When each site has unique content, it keeps your followers interested, engaged and curious enough to follow you on every platform.

Overall, if you’re posting wrong you might as well throw a grenade on your pages. Do it right and it’s like 24k magic. Social media is extremely tricky and time-consuming so if you’re singing the lazy song, you should give us a call. Lucky for you, that’s what we like (that’s what we like).

Bruno, apologies again. Let’s be honest, your fans will always love you just the way you are. You’re a treasure!

*Yes, those are all Bruno Mars songs.