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Understanding Instagram Stories

The latest social media craze?

Stories! Instagram like Snapchat has changed the game when it comes to posting. The story function allows users to post something for 24 hours and then it goes away. Brands have really started to utilize this function especially when it comes to product launches, events or poll questions. Stories can be found at the top of your newsfeed and refresh with every visit to the app. 

Why should you consider using it?

A recent Hootsuite article discussed the uses of Instagram Stories along with facts about users. They found that over 300 million people use the story function every day. Plus, one in five stories gets a direct message. That seems like pretty good odds especially when brands are getting more limitations from platforms to connect with users.


How should a brand use the story feature?

There are so many things you can share to stories but to give you a few ideas, here are some things we’ve posted to our Instagram Story.

The first example was on the set of one of our photo shoots. We tagged the location to let our followers know where they might see the work from that shoot. The second is from a community breast cancer awareness event we attended as a vendor. We set up a photo booth with pink props to show support for the cause and asked fans to join us. Lastly, we posted a screenshot of our website after updating our blog. This informs followers that they will find new content by visiting our site. Just another fun way to keep them informed.



Want Instagram stories posted for longer than 24 hours?  

Instagram has added a function where you can add your story to your profile permanently. Let’s say you announce a new product in the stories function, you can then add it to your profile. This would allow anyone who visits your profile after your announcement to still see the news.

Still not sure how to join in all the story fun?

Check out this Hootsuite article for more insight on stories and how they work.