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Best Practices for Using Memes in Social Media Marketing

using memes in social media marketing

Sure, we have all seen memes online and some of you may have even played the game that is taking viral memes to the world of board games. But how should you use memes in social media marketing for your business?

Try to get into the mind of the consumer.

Facebook is a place where people go to “socialize” with friends, family, co-workers and select brand pages. They’re not looking for promotional content. What’s more, Facebook doesn’t want to show that kind of content to your fans either. If your content swings and misses with engagement (likes, shares, comments), Facebook’s algorithm will stop it from being seen by more or your fans, unless you’re paying for more reach. That’s a topic for another day though.

The trick is to mix it up a bit. We’ve found success using roughly 50% promotional content and 50% casual content when we create posts for our clients. It’s a strategy that satisfies our client’s desire to positively affect the bottom line, while not hindering our ability to achieve organic reach.

So why memes?

A recent article on Social Media Today discussed the retention rate of posts. They found that people only remember 10% of what they read but if you pair that same text with a visual, people are 65% more likely to retain it after three days. Memes are not only fun for your fans, but they will also increase retention! Not bad.

There’s one caveat though. You can’t just right-click a meme on the internet, save it to your computer, upload it to your page and walk away. That’s the wrong way to meme and is considered very poor form. Instead, create custom memes that relate directly to your product or service.

For example, we recently posted this custom meme for Roosters Wings that got well above average reach and engagement. It was simple to create and fans loved it. Most importantly, it was casual and relatable. People react better and interact more with brands that are being genuine.

memes in social media marketing

Now to consider the platforms to use memes.

Using memes in your social media makes for good content but that does not mean they should be placed on each of your pages. Memes typically do well on Facebook and Twitter. But carefully consider your fan-base before uploading them to Instagram. While some successful Instagram accounts still post memes, we prefer to limit Instagram posts to great photos people have grown accustomed to seeing on the platform. This can be seen as a preference but the engagement we’ve experienced for our brands has backed this decision.

As a business page, remember to break up your promotional content with memes while keeping your brand voice in mind. People are more likely to remember your content when using visuals so use memes that are timeless or relevant, and determine where memes work best for your business platforms. Overall, like all things marketing, it really depends on your brand but memes have definitely made their mark on social media. Your businesses shouldn’t be afraid to join in!

If you’ve loved learning about memes and want some inspiration, check out this game.